How can I get the Flexxbike membership?

Flexxbike membership requires you to complete registration process through one of the following approved channels:, FlexxBike mobile application, registration terminal at station.  

Is there any secuity deposit for the bike when I want to rent a bike ? 

No, you don't have to pay any secuity deposit for us.

I just become FlexxBike member so can I rent a bike immediately?

Sure, once the signup process was successfully completed, then immediately SMS and E-mail would be

sent to FlexxBike member providing ID and PIN.  Accordingly you can rent a bike from any FlexxBike stations within your city.

If my membership is suspended for any reason, what do I do?

You shall call toll free number at 800-124-8000, and FlexxBike team will review

your request to activate your membership shortly.

Are the bikes fit to everyone?

All bikes are designed to be used comfortably by riders of a wide range of heights, simply by adjusting the seat height; hence

our bikes can be fit to FlexxBike members.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

FlexxBike teamstrongly encourages you to wear a helmet that will protect your head from being injured.  

How do I ensure that my bike is properly locked?

In order to return your bike to FlexxBike, you need to lock your bike into any available lock at FlexxBike station.

If you have questions about how to return your bike, please call customer service at 800-124-8000.

How many bikes can I rent during one time or under my ID?

You can rent one bike under your ID if you are eligible and meet the condition and terms of FlexxBike

rental agreement 

What should I do if my bike is out of service for known reasons?

 If you bike is not working properly for any issue, you should return it to any available lock at any flexxbike station and to get

more support or to inform us about the situation please call us at 800-124-8000.

What Should I do if my bike is stolen?

you shall call 999 to report this and report to us by dailing 8001248000.

please rememeber that you have to report any type of issue related to this to us as soon as possible.

Can I sublet my bike for someone?

According to the FlexxBike rental policy, you can not sublet bikes and not let someone ride it except you.