About FlexxBike Program

As a part of The Saudi Investment Bank’s activities in the Social responsibility field, a none-profit program named FlexxBike has been launched.

The FlexxBike program’s objective is to raise the cultural awareness in health and fitness through granting the outdoor opportunity and

encouragement for the community to practice cycling sport in public areas.

The FlexxBike program provides smart stations that have a number of bikes, electronic registration terminal to get FLEXXBIKE membership and

special rental terminal,where a FLexxBike member can rent a Bike at an affordable price at any time and can return it in any station. An annual income

of the rental fees received from Flexxbike members will be returned to the community


FlexxBike Features:

  • FlexxBike Stations are solar-powered and designed with colors that suit the climate.
  • Secure payment terminals allow for easy onsite registration and rentals
  • Registration terminal and rental terminal support multiple languages
  • FlexxBike stations are managed and monitored remotely.